embracing nature and wildlife
The organic gardens at CHÂTEAU DU PUITS ES PRATX

Gardening without pesticides : ‘help us save the wildlife and our planet’
Château du Puits es Pratx, our garden is our ‘Green wildlife window’

We, at Château du Puits es Pratx are committed to growing flowers, herbs and vegetables which have not been subjected to any chemical or synthetic fertilizers or herbicides. This also includes the ground they are grown in; we use nothing but natural methods of bug control and natural, organic means of fertilizing the soil. The belief is simply that organic food products are safer and healthier for us to eat and that wildlife and insects are an integral part of our lives on this planet that we share together.

Visit our unique and biodiverse gardens A wildlife welcome and Insect-friendly planting at Château du Puits es Pratx

As organic gardeners we see beyond the concept of the formal garden, nourishing the soil with home-made compost which is gentle on the environment and creates habitats for insects, birds, and wildlife. Visit our insect hotel and our ‘living’ tunnel. We utilise natural resources such as bamboo and wood and make sure that all organic material is composted without chemicals and returned to the soil. No chemicals or pesticides are used and we make our own fertilizer from nettles and wild weeds. All growing beds are peat free and our primary water supply is well and rainwater. 

Biodiversity creates gardens that are wildlife friendly

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Grow for health and help to sustain nature Plants, Bugs, Birds and Bees at Château du Puits es Pratx

We grow our own herbs and aromatic plants for our restaurant in our ‘Secret garden’ and ‘nursery’ at the Château. The bees and insects love to gorge on the nectar as we do with the wonderful tastes and aromas that organically grown plants reward us with.

Biodiversity makes our gardens wildlife friendly, we grow lavender, eucalyptus, sage, tarragon, rosemary, aloe vera, mint, nasturtiums and many, many other plants, pulses, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

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Support an organic gardening future Our bio diverse gardens at Château du Puits es Pratx

We have created a ‘garden discovery route map’ for guests who stay with us at Château du Puits es Pratx, to explore the gardens for themselves and discover how we are continuing to establish organic gardening and maintenance, essential for a healthy world. We use methods such as companion planting, crop rotation, soil management, composting, pest and disease management. But above all we have tried to create an environment, where you can relax, with the knowledge that care has been taken to protect and sustain our small part of our precious planet.

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Watch the birds at the castle Birds and a discovery pathway

In the spring the swallows come swooping back to the same nesting place under the eaves of the open barn, that they did twenty years ago. They happily nest whilst I work beneath them with the cats slumbering below, not interested in their feathered friends. Spring is also heralded by the magnificent Hoopoe bird with his characteristic flight and whoop, whoop call and the swifts zoom across the skies, where the bee-eaters squabble over the vines and owls socialise in a pine tree beside our swimming pool. There are reed warblers, rollers and birds of prey who hover above, in search of their next meal. We have a bird watching point in the middle of our bamboo hedge where you can find quiet and tranquillity watching the birds.

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Flower cutting gardens Floristry options at Château du Puits es Pratx

Not only are cut flowers expensive, the carbon emission trail is staggering. Cut flowers often come from Kenya, Netherlands, Israel and as far afield as Colombia and Ecuador. The environmental impact of this industry on the world is growing, emissions are not the only problem, the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers abound, polluting the groundwater and poisoning pollinators. At Château du Puits es Pratx, we understand that with a wedding you will want beautiful flowers, we try to encourage the use of living plants that we can grow in advance, we also grow cut flowers, foliage, ivy, ferns and flower varieties that are natural to the region that we live. 

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